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Tear Smoke Shell (Electrical)

It is similar to Tear Smoke Shell (Normal) except that the initiation is through an electric squib. Electric impulse is delivered from 12 volt Battery. It is fired from Multi Barrel Launcher (Agnivarsha).

Technical Specification

Fired from Multi Barrel  Launcher
Irritant Chemical CS
Smoke emission time 20 ± 5 Sec
Shell Body Aluminium
Range 135 + 10 mtrs
Shelf life Operational – 05 Years
For training purpose – 02 years
(Total life – 07 years)


  • T S Shells (Electric) is effective for long range engagements.
  • Useful for law enforcement duties.
  • Large area can be neutralized by firing 07 shells simultaneously with MBL (Multi Barrel Launcher – Agnivarsha).


  • Flat nose to reduce risk of injury.
  • Can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Electrically operated and can be fired in volleys by using MBL.
  • To cover large target area simultaneously.


  • Not to be fired by aiming directly to avoid injuries caused by direct hit.
  • Not to be used in confined space.