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Modern crowd management systems and procedures adopted worldwide are getting more humane and precise with minimal chances of collateral damage. High accuracy, real time feedback and control to commanders and situation monitors, avoiding human error during close contact scenarios etc. are few of the key issues which are desirable and expected from crowd control agencies. With advent of UAV technology, Police Forces worldwide & in India are increasingly employing drones for surveillance and monitoring of crowds.

TSU has developed a Tear Smoke Launching System with Remote for dropping of TSMs through Drone. TSU is providing the launching system along with remote and the munitions to the users. This Tear Smoke Launching System is versatile and can be mounted on any commercial drone having required lifting capacity. For ease of the users, TSU has provided BPR&D recommended QRs for the Drone. User has liberty to purchase desired drone from wide variety available in open market. User also can get incorporated additional features in drone suitable to their region/place of deployment and specific law & order requirements.