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Current Update

1.   GENERAL:-

  • Introduction:- Tear Smoke Unit conducts 02 Tear Smoke Munitions (TSM) courses per year (01 course for Hindi knowing & 01 course for Non-Hindi knowing personnel) for personnel of all State Police Forces and Central Armed Police Forces. The training programme is spread over 3 weeks, which comprises of the following salient features:-
    1. Types and Characteristics of Less than Lethal Munitions and Less than Lethal Weapon systems.
    2. Planning, Employment and Handling of TSMs in various scenarios.
    3. Firing of Tear Smoke Munitions.
    4. Preventive actions, First aid, Safety equipment and Firefighting etc.
    5. Storage, Maintenance of Tear Smoke Munitions.
    6. Disposal of TSMs which have completed their shelf-life.
  • Location:-The Tear Smoke Unit is located at BSF Academy, Tekanpur, Gwalior (MP) on the Gwalior – Jhansi road.  It is located at a   distance of 28 Kms from Gwalior railway station and 19  Kms from Dabra railway station. Gwalior and Dabra are two rail heads on the main Delhi – Chennai / Mumbai lines.  All Mail and Express trains stops at Gwalior railway station. There are regular bus services from these places to Tekanpur.
  • Climate:-  The climate of Tekanpur is extreme  hot in   summer (April to June) and fairly cold in winter (Dec to Feb). The monsoon remains active from the month of July to September. Clothing and bedding as per season will be required during stay at Tekanpur.

2. Aim:-  To train the personnel of State Police Forces and Central Armed Police Forces in TSMs course by making them proficient in handling and firing  of Less than lethal weapon systems & munitions. They are trained about tactics to be adopted during law enforcement, in firing of Less than Lethal Munitions. Exposure of each kind of available weapon systems with live ammunition firing makes them confident in handling of Less than Lethal Weapon systems & Munitions.

3. Duration:- 03 weeks

4. Capacity:- 40 trainees
5.   Eligibility:- 

  1. Rank – Constable to Inspector
  2. Age  – Below 50 years
  3. Physical fitness – Should be physically FIT to undergo strain of the training
  4. Medical category – SHAPE-1

6.  Training Aids:-

The following training aids are used during course:-

  1. Training films
  2. Training literature (Precis)
  3. Lectures –  Available in Hindi, English and Roman
  4. Product information brochures

7.   Medium of instructions: – Medium of instructions for the course will be Hindi /English.

8.  Clothing and Equipment:- Candidates detailed for TSMs course will carry under mentioned clothing and equipment for smooth conducting of course:-

  1. Uniform as per season – 02 Nos
  2. Dangari / Combat Dress – 02 Nos
  3. PT Dress – 02 Nos
  4. Steel Helmet – 01 No
  5. Mosquito Net – 01 No
  6. Ground Sheet – 01 No
  7. Boot Ankle – 01 Pair
  8. Light bedding with white bed sheet

Note:-  Arms / Ammunition not to be carried by the trainees.

9. Reception and Documentation:-

    1. Reception:- BSF detachment (RTO) provided with a telephone No.234001 (code 0751) is located outside the Gwalior Railway Station which can be contacted for assistance.

Note: – The detailed personnel must report this unit 07 days prior to commencement of training for quarantine or as per prevailing COVID protocol of the day.

  1. Document: – Trainees coming to attend the course must be in possession of following documents.
  • Movement Order
  • Nominal Roll
  • Service Identity Card
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Health Card
  • Two Passport Size Colored Photographs of trainee in uniform (without headgear)

10. Discipline:- All trainees attending the course shall maintain high standard of discipline.

11. COVID – 19 Protocols:- Trainees will ensure that COVID-19 protocols are followed meticulously during travel and course. Social distancing will be maintained and mask imperatively used as preventive measures.

12. Administrations:-

  1. Accommodation: – Trainees on arrival are accommodated in built up accommodation depending on availability. Family accommodation is neither available nor allowed during the course of training. No amount is charged for trainee’s accommodation, it is free of cost.
  2. Messing: –  All trainees shall dine in respective mess in TSU. No trainee is allowed to make his own arrangement for messing.  Messing is payable, the trainees will deposit an amount of Rs. 4000/- only (Rs.Four Thousand ) only (per trainee) as mess security well in advance to respective Mess Comdr immediately on arrival at TSU.  The advances paid by the trainees will be adjusted against their final bills and balance if any will be refunded / recouped before their return to their parent Units / HQs.

13. Security:-  Trainees are responsible for the safe custody of articles in their possession. They are advised not to bring valuable items with them while reporting for the course. They are also advised not to keep large sums of cash with them. TSU will not be responsible for loss of any articles in possession of the trainees.

14. Leave:-  No leave will be granted to the trainees during the course, except extreme compassionate ground.

15. RTU of unsuitable trainees:- Trainees are liable to be returned to their Units / HQs on disciplinary, medical, absence from course for more than 03 days or any other ground as deemed necessary by CA of TSU.

16. Official correspondence address:-
All official correspondence will be addressed as under:-

  • Official correspondence: The General Manager, Tear Smoke Unit PO : Tekanpur Distt : Gwalior (MP) PIN : 475005
  • Telephone number: 07524-275008 (TSU exchange)
  • FAX: 07524-274601
  • E Mail: tsu@bsf.nic.in

17.  Dispersal:-  After completion of the course, all trainees shall ensure that all outstanding dues are paid before their departure from TSU. Trainees will have to submit a clearance certificate on termination of the course. Only after proper clearance, the trainees will have relieving / movement order issued by TSU and after that they will be permitted to return to their Units / HQs.

18.  Conclusion:- All trainees are requested to strictly adhere to the instruction for smooth conduct of the course. These instructions are just guidelines to conduct the subject course smoothly.