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Tear Smoke Grenade (OC)

Oleoresin Capsicum Tear Grenades is designed in collaboration with DRDE and produces irritant smoke generated from extracts of natural chilli. The plastic body starts melting with emission of smoke, and does not allow throw – back on law enforcing agencies


Technical Specification

Launching Method Thrown by hand / Using launcher cup by 12 Bore PAG & 38 mm Gas Gun
Irritant Chemical OC Gel
Smoke emission time       60 ± 5 Sec
Grenade Body                          Plastic
Range                                   Hand thrown-35+ 10 mtrs
Gas Gun/PAG-90+10mtrs
Shelf life                             Operational – 03 Years
For training purpose –04 years
(Total life – 07 years)



  • To neutralize larger area.

  • Useful for law enforcement duties.


  • Easy to throw.

  • Can be used in all weather conditions.

  • Plastic body the Grenade starts melting on emission of smoke and makes it difficult to throw it back.

  • Vigorous discharge of large volume of smoke.

  • Can be fired up to distance 90±10 mtrs by using 38 mm Gas Gun & 12 Bore PAG attachments.


  • Not to be used in confined space.