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Stun Lac Grenade (Chilli)

A non-fragmentation grenade which explodes with a resounding bang and blinding flash causing temporary stunning effects. Spreads lachrymatory powder, produces irritation and lachrymation.



Technical Specification

Launching Method Thrown by hand
Chemical Stun & Lachrymatory Composition
Grenade Body Plastic
Range Hand thrown-35+ 10 mtrs
Shelf life Operational – 03 Years
For training purpose –04 years
(Total life – 07 years)


  • Creates double effects of stunning as well as lachrymation.
  • Effective at close range engagements.
  • Checks throwing back of T S Grenade.


  • Burst with Bang & Flash. Spreads irritant chemical.


  • Should be thrown in air with high angle to avoid direct hit and to make it burst while in the air well above the target.