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T S Grenade (XL)


Produces large volume of tear smoke for extended duration than regular TSMs.

Technical Specification

Launching Method Thrown by hand / Using launcher cup by 12 Bore PAG & 38 mm Gas Gun
Irritant Chemical CS
Smoke emission time       35 ± 5 Sec
Grenade Body                          Plastic
Range                                  Hand thrown-30+ 10 mtrs
Gas Gun/PAG-70+10mtrs
Shelf life                             Operational - 03Years
For training purpose –04 years
(Total life – 07 years)


  • Flexible range (Hand thrown : 30 ± 10 meters

  • Gas Gun/PAG: 70 ± 10 meters

  • Special law enforcement purposes requiring single source, large volume of tear smoke.
  • To saturate large open area during high wind conditions.


  • Useful in law enforcement duties requiring very large volume of tear smoke for extended time from single source.

  • Easy to launch.

  • Can be used in all weather conditions.

  • Designed for outdoor application.

  • These are effective for use in law enforcement duties in very large open space and during high winds.

  • Plastic body of T S grenade (XL) starts melting on throwing and restricts scope of throwback on law enforcing agencies.

  • Effective in large open areas.


  • Not to be used in confined space.

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