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Multi Pellet Short Range Shell


This Shell ejects three separate sub munitions on firing. Sub munitions will scatter over while emitting smoke and neutralize comparatively larger area than conventional unibody T S shell. Chances of throw back on law enforcement agencies are also further reduced.

Technical Specification

Launching Method 38 mm Gas Gun
Irritant Chemical CS
Smoke emission time       15 ± 5 Sec
Shell Body                          Aluminium
Range                                  50+ 10 mtrs
Shelf life                             Operational – 05 Years
For training purpose –02 years
(Total life – 07 years)


  • Launches multiple smoke emission sources.

  • To neutralize large area.

  • Very effective in medium range engagement.

  • Random fall of sub-munitions restricts scope of throwback on law enforcing agencies.


  • Easy to launch.

  • Covers large target area by simultaneously creating multiple smoke emission points.

  • Can be used in all weather conditions.

  • Designed for outdoor application.

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