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CS Capsule Cartridge (Electrically Operated)


Developed for advanced testing of PPE suits and training of personnel. It produces controlled volume of tear smoke and has a flexibility wherein CS capsules can be ignited singly or simultaneously.

Technical Specification

Delivery System Electrically operated control panel
Irritant Chemical CS
Smoke emission time       15 ± 5 Sec
Capsule  Body                          Plastic
Shelf life                             03 Years


  • For training of personnel in the proper use of respirators, PPE suits and equipment.
  • For testing of PPE suits, respirators and similar equipment.
  • For controlled exposure of personnel to tear smoke for training / research purposes.


  • They can be operated remotely with the help of electric control panel.

  • Can be fired single and simultaneously.

  • Volume of smoke can be controlled as per requirement.

  • Operator/ trainer are not exposed to CS capsule.

  • Plug and play design.

  • No need of naked flame to ignite capsule.

  • Can be used in all weather conditions.

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